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3 most common printer problems and their solution

Undoubtedly printers are one of the best innovations in this era of technology, but they also introduce a maddening range of issues to the customers. Whether you are using an HP printer or a Brother printer, the problem can occur in any printer brand. From paper jam errors to slow printing, it could be anything. All these things do not mean that you should get panic. Rather of getting stressed, you can just contact HP Printer Customer Support or Brother Printer Customer Support and get your problem resolved.

Here we are discussing some common printer problems and their solutions:

Printer not printing

This error is very common to occur while using the printer. To resolve this error you have to make sure that your printer is properly connected via ethernet or USB cable. If you are using a wireless model, then make sure that WIFI is enabled. Check whether all the driver software you require are installed properly or not. If drivers are corrupted or damaged, then you need to reinstall them. If nothing works for you then contact HP Printer Customer Support number to get your problem solved instantly.

Slow WIFI printing

Place your printer near the router, it will increase the throughput and reduce printing time. Make sure that router you are using is adequate. The router must support 802.11n and must provide 5Ghz band, the firmware of the router must be updated. You can also add the repeater or wireless extender to improve the performance of your HP or Brother printer.

The slow speed of a printer

It is recommended to avoid duplex printing in such scenario as a printer need to flip the document over to print on both the sides which slow the speed of the printer. If you are a Brother printer user, you can contact the experts at Brother Printer Customer Support for help. Place the sheets very carefully to take printout and if you are using a wireless printer, make sure that your printer is getting proper internet connectivity.

So these are some common tips which may help you to resolve your problem. In case of any doubt, Brother and HP Printer Customer Support team is there is help you. Just give a call!

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