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Scanning problems from Printer to Computer using windows 10?

Windows 10 is an ultimate operating system in the market but hosts a number of technical concerns. Out of all the issues, scanning issues are very common from the printer to the computer. After upgrading to the Windows 10, the scanner does not work properly and creates the quite frustrating situation. Thus, it is important to have HP Printer Troubleshooting Windows 10 and for that, we are sharing some easy and simple troubleshooting solutions which will help you fix the problem.

So, here are the simple and easy methods to fix the scanner error in windows 10:

Repair Corrupted System files - Faulty and corrupted systems files can be the reasons behind this error. Thus, you need to repair them. Follow the given steps:

  • Press ‘Windows + R’ key from your desktop to open a Run dialog box.

  • Enter ‘cmd’ in the Run box and tap on Ok.

  • A command prompt windows as an Administrator will open. Here, type ‘Sfc/scannow’ command and hit the enter button.

A message will display showing that Windows Resource Protection has found the corrupted files but unable to troubleshoot them. In that situation, contact HP Printer Customer Support for help. If your PC is running in the good condition, a message will appear indicating that no error is found.

Now, enter the safe mode. In this mode with command prompt, again type ‘sfc/scan now’ and hit enter. This will fix your problem.

Configure the Related Services

If the above-given method does not work for you, configure the related services which might be disabled.

The services you need to configure involves:

  • RPC( Remote Procedure Call).

  • Windows Image Acquisition.

  • RPC Endpoint Mapper.

  • DCOM Server Process Launcher.

  • Shell Hardware Detection.

If you want to check the status of all above mentioned services, follow these steps

  • Open Run, enter the command ‘Services. Msc’, click on Ok.

  • Find the related services and go to properties.

  • If that status is stopped, tap to start for Troubleshooting HP Printer in Windows 10.

  • Repeat the process for all related services.

  • Update the Drivers for scanner

  • You can fix this problem in your HP Printer with Driver Easy. If you are facing the scanner problems, the update your drivers to fix the issues. You can:

  • Manually download and install Driver Easy.

  • Click ‘Scan’ option and it will start scanning your computer.

  • If any corrupted driver found, tap to repair. If the drivers require an update, click to update.

So, these are the methods you can try to fix the problem. If you have a doubt, call at HP Printer Customer Support Number for expert help. The technicians will fix the problem and make sure you do not face the same problem again with your printer or computer.

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